Monday, November 28, 2005


I stare transfixed at the glowing moon in the misty November sky. Selene wears her crown tonight; she is the glorious queen of the dark sky. She blankets me with a cool comforting light, she is gentle, she is soothing. She is unlike Helios who has blinded me with his fire.

She rises to her zenith before midnight, and holds the heavens her throne. She teases the other heavenly beings immortalized in the dark firmament. They twinkle, they sparkle, they dance; but they are no match for her majesty tonight.

Her sorrows are hidden, and her face is impassive. Yet I sense the loneliness in her heart. She is grieving. And I weep with her. In this dark hour.

Too soon, Aurora limbers in the eastern sky, and I must close my eyes. The icy wind warms with Helios’ fire, and I feel the sting. I shall weep with Selene another time.

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