Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jittery Much?

First, I'd like to congratulate my friends and high school batchmates who have already graduated from UP Diliman awhile ago.  Cheers to you, guys!

Next, I'd like to thank Ate Tala and Tita Rose for lending me their sablays.  Now I get to choose between the two.  Or maybe I can go naked save for the sablay, but then again people will be emotionally scarred for life if they see me in my birthday suit.  No, I can't rationalize that I'm trying to imitate the Oblation statue or the Lady Med statue.  Far out.  But I do hope my college realizes that it is impractical to find a formal dress that's not sleeveless or strapless AND a formal dress that won't have me fainting in the heat.  Hello, GAB roofdeck for the CAS Recognition Program?  One to five in the sweltering afternoon?  Good luck to us...

Then, I'm all jittery.  And weirded out.  Because our University graduation is at the PICC at seven in the morning.  Because there is a freaking dress code.  Because the toga and the mortarboard suck big time.  Because I want to celebrate my graduation and my birthday, but really can't.  Because I'm going back to my new school on Tuesday to get that Hepatitis B booster shot and to meet the family of my new roommate.  Because my family's taking very special care of me, lest I fall into some sort of misfortune that is attracted by my present status as a graduating student; it's a sort of a superstitious belief that when you're graduating/about to get married/starting something new, bad luck tends to follow you around.

Last, I'm starting to get nostalgic.  I'm leaving the state university for now.  I came in expecting a degree and somehow came out with a life. 

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