Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Sort of Fulfillment

It is always, always lovely to start each school day with a lecture given by a competent teacher. This particular Neuroanatomy lecturer fast became my favorite when he used ordinary terms for the excessively-hard-to-remember jargon of the subject. This morning was particularly very special, because he did the lecture with a swollen hard palate (he had a cyst taken out recently)-talk about dedication to the thankless job of teaching medical students. The added bonus was that I remembered everything in the lecture after the two hour session. It is also very lovely to end the day with a sense of accomplishment. I am actually exuding the lovely fumes of the Gross Anatomy lab as I type this entry in an Internet cafe near my dormitory, but I don't even care that I have that faint and unique smell of formaldehyde/cadaver/whatnot around me. That's saying something, considering I always hate the way the smell sticks to me after the sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed my Anatomy class this afternoon, because I finally had a good dissection session; I was able to get a perfect dissection grade and an added bonus for identifying all pertinent structures. What makes this very fulfilling is that I did the dissection perched on the cadaver's gurney (a very disgusting place to be on) without gloves. I worked for the grade, and the doctor was kind enough to affirm the effort. :) So, maybe I'll be off to reward myself with some sushi and a luxurious shower later on. The adrenalin's wearing off, yet I'm too happy to care about my sore muscles.

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