Monday, September 15, 2008

Strength, Courage, and Wisdom

"They subjugate because they fear the power of WOMAN.
They discriminate because WOMAN is beyond their comprehension..
They enslave because they think WOMAN should be under control like an animal or an object.

WOMAN, you are beautiful.
WOMAN, you are brave and strong.
WOMAN, you are intelligent and wise.

WOMAN, you are a person.
WOMAN, you are a rightful citizen of this world.
WOMAN, you are NEVER to be silenced.

WOMAN, you are powerful."

This was inspired by

"I began to question why we accepted the conditioning of our religion and culture which places emphasis on a girl's virtue and not her intelligence; which places little significance on a woman's opinion; which asks a girl to place her self-value in relation to men; which prioritizes marriage and motherhood above self-development and career; and which encourages girls to be silent on the double standards on infidelity, sexism and discrimination and vilence against women." -Monique Wilson

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