Thursday, November 27, 2008

Highlighter Love Affair

Now, I never highlight stuff.  Ever. 
If you see me carrying anything with highlights, it's probably borrowed from someone who does the highlighting thing.  It's weird that quite a lot of people still call me out on this habit of mine that stems from the lack of need to highlight stuff during undergrad (I dare you to try highlighting all those symbols and formulae as you go down a reaction mechanism or a phychem problem), trying to preserve the pristine pages of my reading material, the hypersensitivity of my vision to psychedelic neon colors of highlighters, and my own distaste for highlighted text.  Whatever floats your boat, right?  Perhaps it's just archetypal of a med student to be a "highlighter-whore" as a friend put it--the type of person who has a set of all of the available colors and sizes of a highlighter and uses the set liberally, leaving only "a," "of", "the" and "and" uncolored.

Will the Beetle Tip highlighters convert me into a "highlighter whore?"

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