Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little Blessings

For every whine of every day, I get little blessings in return. Gotta love the Big Person Upstairs for throwing the little surprises to keep my spirits up.

Like I got a Sunday with my family, which is quite rare because the universe somehow conspires to make my duty days fall on Sundays most of the time.  We ate a lovely lunch at The Old Spaghetti House in Robinson's Otis; thin crust cheese and pepperoni pizza, hearty spaghetti, pesto pasta, calamares, nachos, and chocolate chip cookie a la mode.  Our family then headed over to our ancestral home in Sampaloc to celebrate my sister's birthday with pancit palabok and mocha-chocolate cake.  I had a chance to play with our family's lovable askal Cloud, who loved horseplay and belly rubs (and took extra care to keep his paws off my hospital whites.)

Monday found me finishing chart rounds early (as most patients were out-on-pass, given the long weekend), being a research assistant for a greater part of the morning, then off at noon.  My aunt sent me a message inviting me to go around the mall with her, which I accepted.  Spent a good part of my afternoon eating (a delicious grilled burger, chunky fries, enchiladas, and chips), browsing shops, and snagging two new tops.  I also got a haircut (my first in about eight weeks); the stylist happily lopped off about 8 inches of frizzy hair off, leaving me looking about 5 years younger. Teehee.  Since it was late, I opted to go home to the ancestral house in Sampaloc to sleep, but not before watching a bit of TV, eating some cashew roca, and browsing through gossip rags.

Today, again finished chart rounds early, interviewed two more patients for the study, had the funniest encounter in the plastic surgery office (where a patient pointed to my nose and asked for similar nostrils), and observed in the pre-op conference. Lunch was followed by a short nap, then a visit to my friend in Tahilan.  Back at my dorm, I took a nice shower then dinner. Now I'm just checking my email and producing this post.

So far, I've had this great stretch of little blessings and I am more than thankful for everything that came my way.  They are such great pick-me-ups because the previous weeks weren't quite as restful.

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