Sunday, June 24, 2007

Back to the Dorm

In a few minutes' time, I will be back at my dorm; it's about 20 kilometers away but it seems more like 20 million. (The rationale behind this being that I cannot take the 2-hour commute one way from the house to the campus, with four out of the five days of the school week starting at 7 AM.) It's going to be another week of no internet, 17-minute head-down reading sessions, dissections, butt-numbing lecture hours, and group discussions. I'm tired and harassed and irritated and feeling very irresponsible. I spent this weekend on a medical mission organized by the family from my father's side to commemorate the 10th death anniversary of my grandfather and the birth anniversary of my grandmother. I'll do a picture/narrative dump when I have time. Hope to hear from the people on my flist soon. :)

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