Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Seven Days

A whole new chapter in my life begins in seven days.  It's a world of white, a world of dress codes, a world of intense study, a world of learning about the amazing machine that is the human body, a world of fulfillment.  I'm sure this new chapter will test my endurance, my faith, my willpower, and my intellect in so many ways; I'm sure that there will be times that I will want to chuck everything out of the window and that there will be times that I will feel invincible.

I am both excited and afraid; I feel so elated in making this huge step in making my dreams come true yet apprehensive of moving out of my comfort zone.  All I'm trying to think of at this moment is that this will be such a great adventure.  I am taking the first step of the infinite staircase that lies hidden still.  I am willing to be a beginner once more, to be able to learn new things and have a whole world open to me.  I am hoping this new chapter will enrich my life.

And in four years, I can officially add Doctor of Medicine to my name. =)

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